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Git is a version control tool used to track and manage source code files and changes to those files. In sharing some of my development tooling setup, I want to promote the use of git aliases as an “Express” route or shortcut to commonly used commands.

I don’t see enough people using them. People seem content to type out long commands that they use on a regular basis.

I just wanted to share a few of my favorite aliases here.

My Favorite Aliases

Git aliases are defined in the .gitconfig file in your Home directory.

  b = branch
  r = remote -v
  s = status
  co = checkout
  uncommit = reset --soft HEAD^
  amend = commit --amend
  cp = cherry-pick -x

Example Usage

Instead of typing:

$ git checkout master

I can type:

$ git co master

Instead of:

$ git status

I only need to type:

$ git s

When I accidentally commit changes to the wrong branch, it’s so easy to just “uncommit” them.

$ git uncommit

Note: You should never uncommit something that has already been pushed to a remote.

What git aliases are your favorites?